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Pickup & Delivery

Zen Reprographics provides pickup and delivery service for clients in Metro Louisville and its surrounding area. Please call 502-587-1951 to schedule today.

Copy & Printing

Zen Reprographics utilizes two high speed KIP printers models, the 8000 and 9010, to produce large document print sets from a number of sources, including digital or hard copy. The KIP can print on bond, vellum or film and is able to rasterize several file formats such as .pcx, .cals, .plt and Microstation plot files. The Kip 9010 is also a scan-to-file tool, capable of storing your scanned images to a Zip 250 or CD.

Zen Reprographics offers a complete in-house copy facility and a staff that is available to handle any task you have. Our onsite capabilities include:

Large Format Color

Zen Reprographics' pair of ColorSpan Display Makers can reproduce color documents up to 71 inches wide by virtually any length. The ColorSpan series of printers is capable of reproducing files onto a variety of media such as photo gloss, translucent, backlit and canvas.

Zen Reprographics uses large format color scanners. These allow the scanning of up to 36" wide media. We can scan up to 800 dpi and support both 256 gray scale, and 24-bit color, with a thickness of up to 3/16".

Supports files of *.tiff, *.jpg, *.PDF, and most others.

The types of CAD files we provide include: AutoCAD .DWG, Intergraph .DGN, ERSI's ArcInfo .001 coverage files. Raster scans might include .TIF (any flavor), CALS .GP4, .BMP, .PCX, and .JPEG for color and gray scale.


Zen Reprographics provides a variety of finishing services, such as:

We want to help with all your finishing needs. If you require special finishing that is not listed here, please contact our office and we will gladly work to find a solution for your request.

Business Docs

Zen Reprographics is the perfect choice for all of your printing needs. We handle your request in a quick & professional manner, offering products such as: business cards, letterhead, envelopes, stationary, stamps, seals, and more. Contact us today!

Legal & Professional

Zen Reprographics saves you time and money by providing legal & professional services. Each order is customized and fulfilled perfectly for you to being using in your business right away.

Sign & Graphics

Zen Reprographics offers a wide variety of graphics, ranging from banners and trade show displays, to vehicle wraps and more. We can design and produce colorful, eye-catching materials that make a great impression for your business!

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